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“we pursue our goal to provide high energy saving, cost-effective lighting solutions in an eco-friendly environment – Fabrice Taieb”

YOSBO is a proud brand of Enimex International Limited. Both were respectively founded in 2014 and 2005 by Fabrice TAÏEB, a French engineer and entrepreneur who has acquired over 20 years of knowledge of China and Taiwan operations, design and manufacturing. It is a french-designed LED lighting system which provides “more light with less energy” exported to 26 countries and fastly growing especially in Asia.

Enimex International Limited is a french owned and managed company who design or redesign product that will suit the budget of its client, It has a wide range of services from Industrialization to manufacturing and even organizing your shipment from china, accumulating over 50 years of experience in design of machine or machine parts. The company are inside both local and western resources with managers who has an average of more than 10 years in the company on level 2 management.

We are composed of young professionals who has been working for the company for a long time. Our expertise in manufacturing industry help build a good harmony inside the company. One of the most significant and common skills that we have is the knowledge about the level of request of western countries. We have accumulated best practices for this particular industry and now we are ready to assist our clients efficiently and effectively.

YOSBO’s promise is to always provide the right quality at the right cost, providing LED lighting system with “more light with the same power or same power with less energy”. Thanks to our strong knowledge of LED design principles and the skilled hands of our experienced professionals, our company is able to offer the best lighting solutions in terms of efficiency and cost.


Our main goal is to reduce the growning CO2 emissions around the globe by providing energy efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting


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Industrial Factory

Mr. Jian She Duan, Owner

I have been using YOSBO for almost 3 years now in a factory where we use lights from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, some of the lights are turned on for 24 hours. I am very happy and satisfied because it helps us in many ways. It gives enough light, have a low power and gives comfort to the eyes. I think, I have chosen a good quality LED Lighting system for a reasonable cost.

Hengda Mall Group

Mr. Ouyang, Building Manager

For almost 3 years, YOSBO has been the lighting system we use for our Malls and Supermarkets, It has a good light effect which let our building have a good atmosphere. We chose YOSBO and will continue to choose it in the future. The quality is worth the trust!

Divino Cafe

Mr. and Mrs. Oliveira, Owner

At first we are using YOSBO to replace our busted lights at the cafe, then we notice that the brand lasts longer than what we usually buy, when we open another branch of our coffee shop brand, we purchased all the lighting system from YOSBO and we are glad about how the help us design the layout of the lighting, great job you guys!

Pizzeria Calzone Restaurant Chain

Miguel Alves, Owner

We are just happy how YOSBO team helped us to design the lighting layout for our restaurant renovation, we start with the normal and usual wattage that the construction company use, but then it is too bright for the restaurant, so we asked YOSBO to reduce the wattages of all the lighting system and it turned out perfect.

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